Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MELBOURNE NOW: B & W photographs

I just want to say a quick hello to all my Google+ followers and thank you for putting me in your circles and for passing on links to my blog. I'm sitting quietly at the computer, it's 6am, but I've been up since 4.40am. It wasn't the cold that woke me, but as usual, a strange dream that I don't remember on rising.  I've been re-reading my little piece of poetry prose that I began in 1991. Perhaps it is finished? I'm thinking of making it into a little book that I'll circulate to friends. It's called Interior Dialogue of a Minotaur and unless I do something with it, it will remain as just a word file on my computer and that would be a shame and waste of time and energy.
These are the kinds of thoughts I have sitting here quietly by myself, with only the soft, slow, whirring sound of the fan on the gas heater and my fingers tap, tapping on the keyboard.
The Magpies won't be awake until just before sunrise and these days with cold early mornings; it's 3.9C as I write this, they won't be flying around until around 7.30 at which time I will go outside and feed them some bread.
For the past few days I've been taking B & W photographs, which allows me to choose subjects or scenes with strong light contrast and textures. I hope you enjoy seeing these, which took on my way to the Hawthorn library yesterday. The first photograph is of the Glenferrie Railway station viaduct. I took the photo whilst having a cup of coffee at Mario's in Glenferrie Road. The second one is of an ornate street seat at the tram stop.Yesterdays strong, stark sunlight cast long shadows that made (I think) for an interesting composition.
Viaduct. Julie Clarke ©

Waiting. Julie Clarke ©

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