Sunday, June 2, 2013


This blog has been getting approximately 8,000 page views per month since last October when it clicked over to 100,000. Google Analytics tells me that 46,127 unique people from 4,302 cities (20,303 from Melbourne) visited the site and they spent approximately 2 minutes and 38 seconds reading whatever they had searched for. 83% of those people are returning visitors, which is great because obviously they like what they read. 28,098 were from Australia, 6,575 from the United States, 2,053 from the United Kingdom, the remainder from Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands and Brazil to name just a few. We get new visitors all the time. Most people used Google Organics with many coming from Blogger referrals. Most people used a Safari browser with Firefox and Internet Explorer a close second. The average page load time is between 2 and 6 seconds. Individuals often start at one page and then explore other pages on the site. Telstra internet was the main network, followed by 5,259 other service providers. The top two articles on this site are my articles on Dawkins and Pell 2,975 and on The Crucible, 1626. If Steve Middleton and I never made another post the blog would still be getting readers. It sure has a life of its own! And, on that note I'd like to thank our readers, please don't forget that you can search the blog by placing your search term on the top left hand side of the blog.

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