Monday, April 22, 2013

My birthday...

It's my birthday.
It's raining and the wet grass and everything as far as the eye can see outside is soft. Cold wind rushes through early blooms on the Camellia bush and they shake their little pink heads in a silence that tells you that birds are huddling in the trees and people are still asleep and warm in their beds.
The slow, low hum of my computer and the tapping of my fingertips on the keyboard are my company.
No cry of Magpies. No cars on the road. No sounds from people in the park, which usually echoes up the hill.
Sunrise struggled through a heavy blanket of clouds and has collapsed her usual yellow and pink into somniferous grey
helpless to find her voice amidst the tiny, continuous droplets.

It's my birthday and all is well.


  1. Wishes you a wonderful birthday Julie and a brilliant year ahead x x

  2. Happy Birthday to you as well Aliey. May we both have a fantastic year! X