Friday, April 26, 2013

Clicked over and update

The page views on the blog have just slipped over the 140,000 mark and I just wanted to tell my usual readers and those on Google+ that I've added two new drawings on paper to my April Paintings and Drawing post, so you might like to have a look at them. A fair amount of time has been spent on these drawings, most taking between three and five hours to draw, so I haven't really had much time to write or think about anything else. Click here for the link. You may notice that in these two new drawings the football depicted in the previous works has turned into an oval, a sacred or mystic symbol of the eye or the gaze, the Egyptian Horus (lord of the skies), or in pagan thought the Sun God. It could also represent female genitalia. I have also included what I consider, a naked, hairless female Buddha. I am going to continue with the football theme because depicting sport itself may be considered a commentary on the aspirations, successes and failures of life.

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  1. Gratz Julie, so many blogs are just link farms and defacto forums is good you keep the link bait short and the ideas long :)