Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trotting horses + Croydon South + 16 March 2013

When I was a child I spent many a Saturday afternoon with my uncle at the race track - well, he wasn't really my uncle we just called him that; he was a Welsh, merchant seaman who had boarded at my grandmother's house after the war and continued to live with her until her death in 1975. I love horses and yesterday during the visit to my son's place in Croydon South we went down the road to see some trotters. Some were happily standing in a field others were being taken through their paces around a track. The horses were totally distracted by our presence and had to be reigned in when they were turning the corner because they decided to head in our direction. It was all quite amusing as was the fact that the curious horses in the field walked down to the fence to greet us. You would surely have to agree that these horse are  beautiful and majestic, equine specimens.
Whilst we were looking at the horses I saw an amazing looking bird foraging in the grass, I'm fairly sure that it is a straw-necked Ibis. So, incredible with its blue, metallic colored wings.
Not long after I took these photos it rained and continued to rain after I got back home. Such a welcome relief from all the hot weather we've been having!

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