Thursday, January 10, 2013


It was a beautiful day so I took a tram ride from my place to Toorak Station (30 minutes, including walking, waiting and traveling) and then took a train from the station to Frankston (52 minutes). I hadn't been to Frankston Beach for over twenty years and was absolutely impressed by all the work the Council has done to the foreshore. The wooden walkway along the beach, the wooden podiums and extremely large white umbrellas where people can sit for shade, and the little bridges, delicate plantings and landscaping of the creek that fills into the beach, so the motor boats may approach the water. The first photo here was my first view of the creek and beach. Here is one I took of the creek from one of the bridge sites. There are many.
In the far distance there was a body of land; I've looked on the map and think that it may be Beaumaris. Anyway this is as far as my 20X Lumix camera could see.
The shopping precinct also impressed and the little paved lane ways make the whole shopping experience feel integrated. Indeed, there was a real holiday feel to the shoppers and a great vibe even though Frankston was filled with people. When I lived there (too many years ago to mention) there was no picture theater or cultural center and the beach was, well, just a beach. Now it is impressive and is, I think the best beach that I've visited to date. I stayed in Frankston for about three and a half hours and during that time tried to contact Brecon Walsh, a friend who lives there, so we could catch up for a coffee. But he was not answering his mobile phone (he later rang me to apologize and we plan to catch up again when I visit Frankston again). I love this mother and child image and can't for the life of me think what that boat was doing, except that it looked like it was hauling a flag pole out of the water. (See below)

Although I was standing on the beach I was able to photograph these people at the utmost end of the Frankston pier. The color of the water was unbelievable, so green and blue simultaneously. I'm tired from my excursion, but it's a good kind of tired.


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