Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beauty, and of course, its opposite

Everyone who lives in Melbourne would know how hot it was on Thursday and Friday (temperatures ranged between 37.5C one day and 41C the next). Thankfully it was cooler yesterday, which allowed me to engage domestic duties without feeling totally washed out. The best thing about the hot weather was that it gave me an opportunity to take photographs of some of the flowers in the garden and to finish reading The Harp in the South, Ruth Park 1948, which is beautifully written and reveals the strength of many poor people in post-war Australia. Ruth Park manages in her writing to make the ordinary seem so extra-ordinary.
Last night I watched the documentary on Kirstie Mills Tancock, a twenty one year old who was born with cystic fibrosis and nearly died before receiving a lung transplant. She displayed such courage and her plight must certainly put any minor health problems that we have into perspective!
As I look at these flowers above I wish that everything could be as beautiful. I wish that women in India weren't being gang raped and murdered. I wish that young girls in South Africa could live without being systematically sexually abused from a young age in a rape culture that is considered the norm! Unfortunately desiring change won't make anything happen! Sorry to end on such a negative note, but with all recognition of beauty there must be an equal recognition of the ugliness in our world.

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