Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Loving Ones (Postcard from Zarathustra)

Many lands saw Zarathustra, and many peoples: no greater power did Zarathustra find on earth than the creations of the loving ones....
Thus Spake Zarathustra (Chapter 15, The Thousand and One Goals)


  1. And, it is exactly in this chapter in TSZ that Nietzsche says: 'No people could live without evaluating; but if it wishes to maintain itself it must not evaluate as its neighbour evaluates. Much that seemed good to one people seemed shame and disgrace to another'. (pg 84, Hollingdale translation, Penguin, 1969. What I was saying in regards to 'truth' in my reply to you on Angry Old White Men. So, having said this, how do I read your image of the cybernetic or humanoid robots, one of which is flying out of a machine with cog-like armor? Our strength or new interpretations of how to behave is via technology?

  2. I read the chapter as an exercise in comparative religion, something new to Western culture in Nietzsche's time, I imagine akin to writing about queer theory or perhaps more broadly gender studies today. Elaine Scarry echoes some of the ideas discussing war in The Body In Pain, where she talks about a culture having to remake itself in defeat. How to read? The creations of the loving ones are often fantastic, transitory :)