Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Morning sky

Morning  sky
heavy with deep gray/black clouds
A weighty silence -
not even the birds are singing.

A small brown leaf on my balcony mistaken for something else -
a hessian bag is a sleeping dog.
A slug on the step oozing with some liquid black, you could write your name
with its blood!
A thin cobweb caught on the edge of my lashes
Cold air taken into my lungs
The steeple rising high on the house opposite pierces empyrean space.

One red Camellia clinging to life on the edge of the bush,
it’s the last one until next July. Her reddish/pink blossom a strange beacon amidst
the cold brown husks.

One more cavernous silence before
the celestial eye opens
and rain falls.

Julie Clarke (2012)

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