Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cup Day...

I was busy for the past few days as I had three friends over for lunch and dinner on Cup Day. Unfortunately I ran out of washing up liquid and consequently all the dishes used yesterday are still waiting on the sink to be washed. My OCD personality finds it extremely difficult looking at the state of the kitchen, which is best avoided until I purchase some liquid and make everything clean and tidy again. It's a little challenging to know what to blog about, except that about 2,500 people have viewed the post I made about Pell and Dawkins on Q & A and it is now listed as the most visited post on this blog over the past three years, toppling the one I made of almost naked University students during Prosh week. I feel I should end this post here as I'm keen to wash those dishes and get my place in order. I enjoyed yesterday - the food, the conversation, the little walk around the grounds, the short thunder storm, the rain, watching the Melbourne Cup race and then collapsing into a chair at the end of the day. I even enjoyed the fact that I took this photo of a wasp sitting on a leaf in my garden, such a change, since I tend to get aggressively buzzed by wasps whenever I go outdoors, so it was nice to see one in repose.

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  1. I've just done a search on the Internet and it certainly looks like a European wasp.