Monday, November 19, 2012

75010 Project - process

Wreck of the Minah at Rhyll by Barney Meyer

Gathering more information for my project. Looking at the location of the wreck off Rhyll (she lost her anchorage in a gale and grounded on a sand bank in 1950) I can't imagine that I could ever row that far, but I did.  Have a look at how far it is from shore on this satellite map.
I must admit that when researching ship wrecks at Philip Island I really wanted the wreck that I had rowed to, to be the Speke for the figure head was in the shape of woman, wearing a flowing dress with blue cuffs and collar and carrying a large bunch of daffodils, and although it wasn't the wreck I visited it is great imagery that I should be able to do something with. 
Lucian Freud made this Woman with a Daffodil in 1945. I could interpret the blue area at the bottom of the painting as water or the sea.
And here is Madonna of the Daffodils by Jan van Scorel (1535).
Although their botanic name is narcissus, daffodils are sometimes called jonquils. But I rather like the idea of Narcissus and Dali's interpretation of the figure of a man who metamorphoses into a flower and looks at his reflection in a pool of water.
So, after all of this I am still on theme. More to follow. May do a painting with these as inspiration, may do something else entirely.
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