Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Dillon on the #16 tram. Photo: Julie Clarke 2012
I've just returned home and have a hideously horrible headache, probably due to the fact that I struggled a bit with the humid, very windy day and the city crowds. However, I just wanted to say that I visited Bruce Dickson (friend) in his RMIT studio today and looked at his sculptural works in progress, which were interesting and then I headed off to ACCA to view OURSELVES, the current exhibition showing video works from about 20 artists. On the tram I noticed Dillon, who was wearing a suit jacket and long shorts made out of this amazing pink, blue and white floral material so I took his photograph. In regards to OURSELVES I particularly enjoyed Sleeping Man (not sure who the artist was) and Rineki Dijstra's one-channel HD video work of young children describing/interpreting Picasso's Weeping Woman: I See a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman), Tate Liverpool  2009-10. It was just amazing hearing these children speculating on what may have caused her to cry. Some of their comments were that her husband had just died, or that she herself was inhabited by a spirit and was undead.

The exhibition is certainly worth a look, but be prepared as the works are installed in a dark labyrinthine space, which may cause claustrophobia in some - happily I appeared to be able to negotiate the space without too much trouble because of the small floor lights that marked each entrance.

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