Friday, September 28, 2012

GRINSPOON at Federation Square today

Grinspoon: Federation Square, Melbourne. Photo: Julie Clarke 2012
I woke at 5am this morning so took myself off to see Lismore band, Grinspoon perform at Federation Square at around 8.30 am. They were there for the SUNRISE Morning Show. I managed to take a few photographs before a loud clap of thunder and bolt of lightning sent the 150 or so audience members, including myself scampering up the hill under cover.
Grinspoon. Photo: Julie Clarke 2012

Grinspoon on large Fed Square screen. Photo: Julie Clarke 2012
Since it was still raining after the performance finished I went into ACMI to see the Ian Burns installation In The Telling, which I thought was amazing. It's absolutely free and worth while seeing if you are in Melbourne. Then I went to the Kino Cinema to see Arbitrage, which although not the greatest film I've ever seen was quite entertaining. In my opinion, although it raised some interesting issues about wealthy businessmen and their not so ethical behavior it didn't really go far enough towards attempting to address those issues. Most of the other people in Melbourne today were there to see the Grand Final procession, but it was an absolutely horrible day weather wise and those who were dressed in their team colors - hats and scarves were, I think grateful that they had dressed for what can only be called a wintery Melbourne day. I'm glad I'm home, and was thankful that I managed to escape the football crowd.

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