Sunday, July 15, 2012


Recent theory suggests that migraines are caused by some area of the brain being over activated or over excited. Ha! I think that my brain (perhaps all of it) has always been over active. But given that I've been experiencing more migraines (classic migraine aura with or without pain & more recently, vestibular migraines, which cause pressure in back of neck, unbalanced gait, dizziness and nausea), must mean that something is going on. But what? I must admit I spend much of my time trying to discover what's happening  and maybe that's causing the problems - being analytic can be a curse.  Oh sure, I can medicate myself with paracetamol and stemetil, but these drugs just make me drowsy and don't completely mask the symptoms. The worst of it is the anxiety overlay. That terrible feeling of doom like it's never going to pass. And, having just said this, it does pass & then returns, but maybe one day it will go and never, never come back. I can only hope. I've tried meditation, but I've discovered that meditation just makes me more body aware and more focused. People ask me 'are you worried about something', sure, I'm worried about this condition. Seems I'm in an inescapable loop!

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