Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just thoughts

I was tossing and turning in my sleep last night, consequently I woke late, missed feeding the Magpies and missed seeing the dark sky I see each morning. It's strange waking in the light of day. I've nothing much to say really, except thanks to all those who make comments on the blog, unfortunately none of the lovely comments show up because individuals have placed a link to their website and blogger automatically places these type of comments in spam. I refuse to retrieve them from spam, because I don't consider my blog a place for you to advertise your wares.
I was a little worried last night when I heard the news report about the outbreak of H3N2 virus, but then realized it was one of three strains included in the 2012  vaccine, so I (and others who had the vaccine) should be well enough during the seasonal flu outbreak.
I began a painting yesterday, but I was too cold in my kitchen to proceed with it. I may attempt to complete more of it today.
There is still a few weeks left until August when the government is supposed to come up with some solution to the refugee crisis. I'm sure we're all waiting to hear the outcome, but think that people are generally too absorbed with their own issues, trying to survive, trying to just get on with their own lives, rather than thinking too much about the worries of others.

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  1. We had fog this morning here in Darwin - not a common sight. Twas beautiful.

    Here's to hoping our jabs do indeed stop us from getting the dreaded 'flu.