Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Collisions: Mark McDean + Julie Clarke 16.07.2012

Mark McDean 2012: Recycled shirt seam coated with Gesso, hair with silk thread sewing.
A vein like fabric line takes on a somewhat strange connection between heart and head. Internal/external adornment, which could possibly be worn over the head to partly conceal the circuitry of plans, thoughts and brainwaves. The tactility of the (human) hair focuses on the external calm-ness. The repetitive notion of constant brushing leads me to think of the meditative smoothing of surfaces. This piece intersects or collides with Julie Clarke's last artwork in that it made me think of organs that have been somehow deformed by the pins. A last grasp and holding things together. (Mark McDean)
My immediate response to Mark's artwork was the seductiveness of the flowing hair, its smoothness in my hand as opposed to the roughness and rigidity of the shirt fabric. However, there is a flow to the long fabric seam, which may be twisted into a shape; a hieroglyph of sorts, suggesting language applied to gender. In both parts of the object there is a flexibility, which although not entirely obvious appear to mirror each other. That the adornment may be worn hints at the relationship between these points of flow as both mask of sexuality and implicit tensions. (Julie Clarke)

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