Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Call for contributions to JANUS, a celebration of three years of this blog

On 7 August this year Anything But Human will be three years old, quite old since most blogs last about three months. I'm still thinking about how we will celebrate, but I was considering yet again that notion of the human, humanity, what it is to be human and how we relate to the non-human and in-human. The non-human being all that we've designated as different from us (animals and machines) even though we have affinities with them, and the inhuman - an ethical position, which also separates those without pity or kindness from those who posses it. Ethics is an interesting branch of inquiry which asks us to consider our dealings with others and the environment. My concern is what can we give to those who read this blog who may not have thought deeply about these issues, or have thought about our ethical responsibility to others in different ways. The point of sharing after all is to impart a varying perspective. Our face to face relations are important, but the manner in which we face other things in the world is also vital. Maybe the celebration should be about faces - facing forward, facing away, facing inwards - a Janus situation in which one looks to the past and to the future, beginnings and transitions - gates, portals, endings and time. So, there it is, I've come finally to the theme of the celebration. It will be called JANUS and has nothing to do with the god with two faces, but more to do with an investigation of our humanity in the face of change. Here then is a Call for images, poetry and other musings on this subject. If you are interested in contributing please place your contact details in comments under this post prior to 1 August, remember to provide a short account of how your contribution fits in with the theme.

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