Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RIP computer

My computer died yesterday. RIP. I'm currently using one at the Camberwell Library, where I'm a member. Will be back blogging when computer is fixed and when I have something significant to say. Until then, enjoy Steve's beautiful images and the gorgeous Melbourne weather. I just completed an online course: 'Workplace Discrimination and Harassment - Legal Compliance' (something I was required to do as a new staff member of Victoria University) and am happy to report that I achieved 19 out of 20. I'm sure that I did so well because I've experienced both discrimination as well as harassment in my work life. I've printed out my certificate - feel like a kid again - yet another piece of paper to add to the pieces of paper to recognize achievement. Think I'll go and have a coffee to celebrate - hope the sun has broken through the clouds because whether or not it's expected to be warm it's certainly quite chilly at the moment.

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