Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remembering Sunday...

I placed this photo of friends who attended my afternoon tea party last Sunday on face book this morning, so thought I'd also place it here. Apart from my friend Shaun Harper (teacher),  Kalarin Butler (sometimes painter),  my lovely son (pictured second from left) his father David Powell (man with the white hair in front of the TV, occasional musician), I was so happy to be able to have the gorgeous and extremely talented Melbourne sculptor, Aliey Ball and Francesco Paolo Vitelli (Architect & current lecturer in Memory and the City course at Melbourne University (who also wrote the catalogue essay for my 'Body and the City' exhibition)  to add to the dynamics of the group. Of course, with all the talent in the room there was much discussion about recent art projects & art in general.  All the buzz was Aliey's recent work with a film and Francesco's upcoming involvement with one. Music and the making of it was also on the agenda. Dave and Francesco connected on so many levels and at some point in the day Francesco said that he might ask Dave to do the music for the film. Since the emphasis appeared to be on Morton Feldman (& other composers that they liked) I began to look for Domenico De Clario's CD that he sent me in 2009, since De Clario's music follows a similar vein as Feldman's.  I couldn't find it, but I figured that it may be exactly the kind of music they were looking for, for inspiration. There are always interesting connections when you bring creative people together, for instance, after mentioning De Clario I remembered that Karen Casey has finally had the Global Mind Project/Spectacle of the Mind catalogue printed in Istanbul, where she's currently showing work at ISEA and on her return I'll receive multiple copies (which include my essay on the performances of De Clario, Jill Orr and Stelarc). You will notice that I still haven't managed to place hooks in the wall so that I can hang the paintings I did last year, so they'll just have to keep sitting on the mantelpiece over the heater for the present time, along with the plastic envelope, which is currently housing 'Collision' artworks by Mark McDean. I wish I had the time and energy to bring groups of creative people together once per week. It would be most inspiring! But thinking about that just makes me think that I should endeavor to arrange some kind of get together at least once every three months, if that happens it would be nice if I was well, for last Sunday I experienced a vertiginous migraine that lasted all day (it is a chronic condition I'm inflicted with) and I'm grateful that those present were understanding of my situation. This afternoon I have an appointment with my osteopath & thanks to my generous and thoughtful son, my computer is now fixed and all is well.

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