Monday, March 14, 2011

Top twenty sites visited on this blog

Apart from the ANYTHING BUT HUMAN page, the following top twenty posts are the most visited (and continue to be visited) since this blog began. Title and post date provided below and order denotes popularity. Since Prosh dots and a dash is the top site visited (apart from the daily posts on the main page) one may assume that people like to see naked bodies, even if they are partially covered.

Prosh ~ dots and a dash! Aug 19, 2010
Ron Mueck exhibition. Jan 27, 2010
Julie Clarke - Camping by the Murray River late 1950s. Feb 25, 2010
My Country ~ El Nina or HAARP? Jan 12, 2011
Experimenta Utopia Now launch at Blackbox.  February, 2010
An awkward toy? Stelarc's Third Hand. Jan 22, 2010
Prosh pranks. Aug 18, 2010
FAST FEMINISM by Shannon Bell~ Book review. September 1, 2010
Gillard and Bligh. Jan 15, 2011
Short review of Rebecca Skloot's book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Jan 6, 2010
Julia Gillard's Speech to Congress. Mar 10, 2011
Review of Murray Mckeich pzombie
Artificially-produced-evolution Patricia Piccinini. August 2009
Stelarc/ Julie Clarke. April 2010
Trisomi21. February 2010
Waiting City film review. July 2010
Peter Cripps, a very-elegant-solution.
Red Fragments. April 2010
Chicks with Dicks - Hypermasculinity. May 2010
Monsters film review. November 2010.

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