Thursday, February 17, 2011

This mornings thoughts...

Absolutely flat out yesterday. Left home at 8.30 am and returned at 5.30 pm. Met with Mark at 10 am in the Atrium gallery to test out the DVD's for my installation, discovered a number of problems with the space, which I'm sure will be sorted, then walked through Uni over to the digital printers to select paper, negotiate a price and then do a test print of my brochure. 12.45 lunch in the city with a friend, raced back to Carlton (which was a little difficult because of the extreme humidity and traffic holdup at Federation Square, which meant that trams were running 15 minutes late) to attend optometry test at 2.30 and then finally at 3.45 had a quiet coffee in Lygon Street with Francesco to finalize essay for my installation.
I was told by the optometrist that I have 20/20 vision (even though I wear reading glasses) and that my prescription doesn't have to be changed. Apparently I'm a medical anomaly. Most people over the age of 40 have their prescriptions for reading glasses changed every few years and mine hasn't altered in the past nine years.
As much as the storm wrecked havoc over much of the metropolitan area last night I really loved it. I opened doors and windows and watched the pouring rain and listened to the warble of one lone Magpie as it sat on the highest peak of the mansion next door.
I was sad to hear this morning that a Melbourne baby died during the week of pertussis (whooping cough). Parents really should get their children immunized. But I was sadder still whilst watching televised burials of boat people who perished in December's tragedy and in particular the surviving young children still being held at the Christmas Island detention center. What's wrong with our government, do they have no compassion, or is that just a stupid question given Australia's history of neglect and failure to protect children considered unworthy of our love and attention from abuse, sufferance, psychological pain and injury? Can we stop persecuting children for the so-called sins of their fathers?

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