Thursday, February 17, 2011

Migraine with aura without pain.

Four hours on the computer this morning - screen glare and sudden exposure to sky glare caused me to experience a horrific migraine aura without pain. Oh! I've had the flashing, zig-zag lights kind of aura before - in fact, about every five weeks or so, so am used to that kind of ocular visual display but this time I thought I could see my fringe and then couldn't figure out why right in the middle of my brow above my nose I could see a large dark cloud that appeared to be descending over my central field of vision. I put on my sunglasses, placed a Disprin under my tongue, sat meditating and in just on fifteen minutes the whole, horrible experience passed. But, I was left feeling strange, very strange, so went off to the shops. I feel in total sympathy with anyone who experiences migraine with aura - they can be quite disconcerting, let alone worrying for there's apparently a correlation between migraines and strokes. I'm going to try not to dwell on that.

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