Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Anyone who hates personal stuff on this blog please tune out now.
I spun a wheel in Camberwell this afternoon and won the Mystery Prize, which was a 'one months free membership' to Genesis Fitness Club. At the first session we'll check your fitness level, said the young man about 35 years younger than me with well defined biceps and pecs, standing by the wheel. Ha! I replied, knowing full well the only exercise I do is walking, carrying shopping and usual domestic duties. Don't know how I'll go using weights so, I think the wise thing to do is check with my physiotherapist before I embark on any new exercise regime, and I don't want to be encountering more pain than I actually do day to day.
And, of course, there's that little matter of exercising alongside all those young fit men and women dressed in tight fitting Lycra that I see going into the gym every other day. I can already hear them snickering  (in muffled laughter) as years of accumulated cellulite show through my attire and my floppy underarms swing to the beat of  piped music that the rest of my body probably won't be able to keep up with. But perhaps it won't be that bad! Perhaps after I've told the trainer about my osteoarthritis, cyst on my right hip-bone and other  bodily symptoms they'll put me on 'light duties', relegated to the 'don't push her too much because of her age' basket and I'll just blend with any other oldies there.

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