Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christopher Smith ~ Six degrees of separation

Christopher Smith in studio 1996? Julie Clarke©
Do I believe in the concept of six degrees of separation? Well, just to test it out, here's a digital photo of an analogue one I took of Melbourne artist, Christopher Smith in his studio (a warehouse in a little lane way off Swanston Street, Melbourne near Melbourne Uni, which he shared with Nik Pappas, Darren Wardle and Penny)  in 1996/97. Chris used to make large-scale, charcoal drawings, very much after the style of Bernard Sachs (VCA) and Cassandra Laing (RMIT) (deceased). I privately tutored Chris whilst he was studying art at VCA in 1992 and we were friends until around 1998 when I lost touch with him. No, I lie, I did run into him whilst he was heading to an opening at Mario's in Brunswick Street, but not sure what that year was. So, what happened to Chris Smith, does anyone know? Is he still in Australia, is he still making art? I've still got a square 'blood' painting he gave me.


  1. Amazingly enough, I ran into Bernard at Melbourne Uni yesterday (Wednesday) and asked him if he had heard from Chris. The answer was 'haven't seen him since he graduated from VCA'.

  2. No, I didn't. Someone told me he and his partner had a child? Otherwise nothing.