Thursday, January 13, 2011

Witch scientists?

In response to Lauren's question 'why don't we consider the views of our leading scientists'? I would like to ask 'Which scientists'?
On the Popular Technology website you can access 800 peer-reviewed articles that support skepticism of 'Man-made' Global warming. Indeed it will link you to another website called Global Warming Facts and their list of 'experts' who are drawn from numerous Universities around the world who are skeptical of existing facts. But if you are solely looking at scientists, then Wiki provides a list of scientists (living and deceased) who oppose the mainstream scientific assessment of global warming. As far as I can see there is a colossal amount of information being provided on either side of the fence ~ those who support the notion of global warming and those who oppose it.
But I think, rather than get into the issues of whether there is or is not global warming that we might consider the function of 'uncertainty', since this is what occurs to our state of being when confronted with information that is in its totality a dense forest to navigate.
Uncertainty generally occurs when we don't have enough information about a forthcoming event, and in the absence of information we generally begin to imagine the worst, however, when it comes to Global warming and climate change debates, we have been provided with so much information that we become uncertain. According to Bar-Anan, Wilson and Gilbert, 2009, writing for the American Psychological Association, Uncertainty enhances our experiences, making the pleasant experiences more pleasant and the unpleasant even more unpleasant. Maybe we need these doomsday, apocalypse or world salvation scenarios in order to feel alive, in order to believe that in some small way (regardless of war, hunger, poverty, persecution, corruption) we can make a difference !


  1. The debate continues, however those on the left tend to agree with me re human causes of climate change. I am ready to admit when it comes down to essentials I like the company of those on the left of politics on every other topic, so it seems a good guide on this issue.


  2. I don't think it's a left wing or right wing thing, and anyway I wouldn't support a 'leftie' just because of her political persuasion.