Sunday, December 5, 2010

We live in a beautiful world

How lovely to wake this morning to a positive comment by Irene van Oorschot, from the University of Amsterdam who quoted from my writing in her own piece on the performance artist, Orlan. It's always good to hear that others enjoy and appreciate my academic and not so academic writing. Had a fabulous time with Shaun last night. Listened to all my Coldplay and Snow Patrol CD's. We amused ourselves after a wonderful meal by discussing various strategies one might take to anonymous people who choose to hide behind a disguised identity to send hate mail, make racist or other comments on Facebook and Blogs and generally spread negativity around the Internet. Of course there are various approaches that one might take. Some individuals buy into the negative comments and end up allowing 'anonymous' to high jack their blog or forum, others tolerate the comments, allowing the bullying to continue. Some simply ignore the comments for what they are ~ an indication of a person who is obviously unhappy with themselves and the world. Yesterday my lovely son gave me an early Christmas present. I was musing recently about how I might record sounds of Melbourne city to accompany an installation of photographs and text I'm having in March 2011, so, Erin presented me with a Zoom H1 Digital Sound Recorder, which weighs only 2 oz and has amazing sound reproduction. Of course this means that at some point before Christmas I'll have to negotiate the crowds in order to record the persistent noises. Eventually Erin will do a mix that will reflect the cacophony, disorientation and anxiety that I and others sometimes feel in the city. Julian Assange, whistle blower, editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks and one of the most influential people of our times, must be feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders this morning as he continues to evade officials, who appear hell bent on putting him behind bars. In a couple of years there will probably be a movie made about his amazing life. Yeah! 'All of us are done for. We live in a beautiful world.' (Coldplay).


  1. A petty, rude comment form Anonymous. Best ignored by all. Lauren

  2. Love the irony of your post!!