Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vestibular migraines

We don't like hearing things that are negative, especially other people's health issues. It makes us think about the things that we are also dealing with on a day to day basis and that's why generally I don't speak too much about my myriad of symptoms. But this morning I thought I'd mention the fact that I experience periodic 'vestibular migraines'. They're not the usual migraine with pain, in fact there is generally no pain, instead, they are brain/eye/ear disturbances that create vertigo, dizziness, lack of co-ordination and anxiety, generally triggered by being in crowds, in places where there is constant noise or situations in which too much information is impacting upon my over sensitive brain. Mine usually begins, as it did on Tuesday afternoon with a 'migraine aura without pain' that lasted for about twenty minutes. I was then left with some lack of co-ordination and anxiety that escalated when I went into the CBD yesterday and continued in a lesser form when I returned home. I've been having these symptoms sometimes lesser, sometimes more severe for most of my adult life. Anyone that suffers from debilitating symptoms understands the grief over loss of things that you can no longer do, or if you continue to do them, as I do, you suffer for your choices. I get out, do things and see people because if I stay by myself too long I suffer from anxiety. Of course, if I go out then I run the risk of having a vestibular migraine, which also creates anxiety. Life seems to be about trying to find a balance and somehow warding off the symptoms that make living difficult. Many people find it easier just to avoid the triggers and then they become so lonely and isolated that they develop other psychological symptoms. I try to remind myself to have 'quiet days', but the problem is I have too much energy and really like being out in the world.

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