Thursday, December 2, 2010

of drought and flooding rains...

At around 2.40pm this afternoon Melbourne experienced yet another storm ~ lightning, thunder, wind and intense rain. The Bureau of Meteorology issued a 'severe thunderstorm warning', but retracted that warning after the storm passed at around 4pm. I just made it home after being out all morning searching the op shops in Hawthorn and Camberwell for a 1950s Australian Women's Weekly magazine. I didn't find one, but I'm sure to do so at one of the local libraries. Why was I looking for a AWW magazine? Really, don't ask! This photo, taken at 2.51pm of a rather moody looking vista, taken through my bedroom window doesn't really give you much of an indication of the amount of rain that fell during the storm, but it does show the pale white sky. I love rain, but I'm not fond of lightning so I absorbed myself fully in the Stieg Larsson novel and before I realised it, the whole thing had blown over. It's been sunny now for the past half an hour. Melbourne, you got to love it!

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