Thursday, December 16, 2010

That's a wrap!

Since I'll be making limited posts on this blog in the future, I've decided to do a wrap of the past year. So, here goes: I wrote short reviews of the following films:
A Single Man, Antichrist, Avatar, Fair Game, Farewell, Inception, Leaving, lo sono L’Amore, Precious, Micmacs, Monsters, Shutter Island, The Hurt Locker, The Stoning of Soraya M, The Waiting City and Winters Bone. I also made commentary on the following documentaries screened on the ABC: The Last Enemy, Hungry Beast, Alzheimer’s: The Musical and In a Strange Land.

And, short reviews or commentaries on the following art exhibitions, artworks and performances:
Karen Casey, Jon Cattapan, Steve Cox, Peter Cripps, Bruce Earles, Domenico de Clario, frank’scunt (Fn’L), Contemporary Encounters, Dennis Hopper, Jenny Holzer, Sam Jinks, Mark McDean, Steven Middleton, Gustave Moreau, Ron Mueck, Love, Loss and Intimacy, Jill Orr, Nina Sellers & Joanna Zylinka, Stelarc, Bill Viola, Reframing Darwin, and Unnerved. Three previously written pieces were posted on my blog: Patricia Piccinini, Juan Ford and Murray McKeich. Also included was the as yet unpublished catalogue essay for the Spectacle of the Mind performance and a lecture I gave on Stelarc’s work.

I reviewed the following books:
Rebecca Skloots, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Shannon Bell, Fast Feminism.
Donna Harrawy, Modest Witness…
And made mention a couple of times to:
Barbara Creed, Darwin’s Screens: Evolution Aesthetics, Time and Sexual Display in the Cinema.
Parts of my draft novel in progress were also posted.

Surprisingly the top ten sites, in terms of hits (apart from the 5,600 views of the main page) were: Ron Mueck 833, Julie Clarke camping by the Murray River 354, Stelarc's Third Hand 287, Experimenta Launch 227, Prosh ~ dots and a dash 221, McKeach review 172, Patricia Piccinini 143, Prosh Pranks 146, Visual Poetry and Mail Art 130 and Trisomi 129. Another ten posts received between 100 and 128 views and twenty two posts received between 51 and 100 hits. Although, on average most of my daily posts received between 5 and 49. People from 99 countries or 1,435 cities visited the site and stayed approximately two and a half minutes. However, 4,000 out of the total were from Melbourne and they stayed on the site for 4.5 minutes.

The most exciting moments of the year was in early March when I met and photographed the French film director Jean Pierre Jeunot and the Australian animator Adam Elliot. I also managed to photograph the British R& B guitarist, Albert Lee at Basement Records, Melbourne. Oh, and I nearly forgot how interesting and exciting it was to meet Jill Orr again and to be involved in writing about and viewing the Spectacle of the Mind performance event at Federation Square. There have been nearly 16,000 page views of my blog over the past twelve months and about 300 comments. I regard this as a triumph, given that the blog was never advertised. I thank everyone who has visited and to those who will occasionally discover past blog posts that will still be floating around in the ether in the future. For those people who come across this blog you can search for any of these reviews or articles simply by typing in the search term next to the white letter B inside the grey rectangle on the top left hand side of the blog...and, that's a wrap! May I take this opportunity to wish you all, love and happiness for the festive season.


  1. Thanks Julie

    You gave us lots of interesting reading on your we will be able to read your upcoming novel

    Love Lauren

  2. Thanks Lauren, the novel is on hold again, I have a love/hate relationship with it.