Sunday, December 26, 2010


In the spirit of collaboration & connection and by way of broadening the scope of this blog, I have invited a number of passionate, articulate friends and associates to become regular authors. Not all will take up the gauntlet, but I'm sure those that do will provide some interesting and provocative perspectives on a range of topics. As they come on board they will be introduced via a short profile written by themselves. This morning I introduce with pleasure, long time friend Steve Middleton, who has made regular comments on my blog posts over the past year. I expect that he will begin blogging soon. Until then, here is some valuable information about him:

Dr Steven Middleton is a digital native and almost retired Melbourne artist, academic and filmmaker renowned for massive multimedia installations and monstrous but moving robotic body extensions. His artwork appears in many books and journals about transhuman and other extropian projects. A recently retired University researcher and lecturer, Steve has directed television drama, animated 3D television programs and commercials, written articles about art theory, managed broadcasters, and contributed to national communications policy debate and change. He is also an accidental whistle blower who broadcast the Kennet-Peacock Tapes and exposed the inner workings of the Vanuatu Development Project, the biggest charity fraud in history. Steve is fiercely independent, opinionated, and unaffiliated, and expects to contribute pictures, as well as words, to Anything But Human.

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