Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sorry, this site is not available!

Tried to get into WikiLeaks this morning to get an update on Julian Assange, only to find a "Sorry, this site is not available" message. I thought, isn't it fascinating how quickly authorities can close a website that divulges sensitive political information, and yet they will not or cannot close down child pornography sites. I then came across this highly controversial, but fascinating article about child pornography, written of course by 'anonymous'.
I gave up. There's just too much information out there. After a general search, I read recent articles that relate to Julian Assange:
A few days ago I predicted a possible film about Assange and it seems that this may be on the cards ~ apparently people would rather watch a two hour film about his life than unravel all the information about him and WikiLeaks on the Internet.
After my short excursion into cyberspace this morning I'm beginning to think that 'we can't see the wood for the trees' ~ perhaps too much attention to detail obscures what is important.


  1. Efforts by law enforcement to close child porn websites go back to the 1990s. If Australians want to report a site go to
    or tinhat
    and something will get done.

    Today wikileaks is at

  2. Thanks for the important information Steve.