Sunday, December 26, 2010

Festive season

I cried only once this festive season. On Saturday morning Rage was playing Christmas songs recorded by various groups, and as part of their tribute to all things Christmas they aired the Band Aid 20 single Feed the World (released in 2004), which included Bono (U2) as well as Chris Martin from Coldplay amongst others. Apart from focusing upon the singers, the video-clip included some of the original images taken of famine stricken Ethiopia in 1984 and the faces of people watching these images, who were obviously moved, as I was, by the fact that around one million people died in that year from starvation. There is still around 35 million living in Ethiopia in abject poverty and it's only one of many countries and many peoples living in a dire situation that they may never escape. The Queen's Christmas message came on television last night and she spoke about sport and it's role in creating harmony, but I could only think of what our own Dick Smith had said a few days earlier in relation to wealthy businessmen thinking beyond themselves this Christmas to those who need their help and to those who don't require a cricket bat or football, but only need good, clean water, medical supplies and basic food and shelter in order to survive! 

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