Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Balwyn calling...

Spent most of the late morning and early afternoon in Balwyn. My intention was to see a movie at the Balwyn Cinema and revel in the Art Deco interior. Instead, after inspecting the inside of this lovely old building I decided it would be nicer just to explore the local shops, have lunch and walk along the strip. Kept thinking of the Skyhooks song 'Balwyn calling' ~ yeah, I used to live there but not in the 70s. Came home to find a lovely 'thank you' letter from the University for my contribution as an Honorary Fellow. Almost all my friends are heading to regional Victoria or Interstate for the Christmas break, so I will attempt a catch up with them before they go. I, on the other hand will still be here ~ seeing films, reading, painting and sitting in the sun.

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