Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peace and quiet

I had a much needed trim at a hairdressers in Richmond today and whilst I was there I visited my friend Steve. I feel so sorry that the quiet beauty of his fantastic backyard garden has been spoilt by the persistent sound of adjacent building works. Still, it was a nice to chat before heading off into the CBD. Unfortunately I experienced a certain amount of anxiety in the crowds ~ way too noisy with all the buskers and shoppers and on the way in on the tram I had to ask a teenager to turn down his music a little, which of course, he didn't do, he just looked at his girlfriend and said 'Oh O'. I always feel a little old when I succumb to being assertive about my need for peace and quiet on the tram. All I want to do is watch the scenery go by, be with my own thoughts or read my book. Does this desire get more urgent as one gets older?

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