Monday, November 8, 2010

3.32 pm

I promise not to do these Facebook type posts tomorrow. But for the moment it's enough to say that since I've been home I've been writing short, concise lines of text that may or may not be included in my installation next year. I know, plenty of time to do this, but time has a way of slipping by and things would not be done if they were not approached methodically. I'm happy to report that my friend, Francesco Vitalli ~ architect, PhD candidate and tutor in the Department of History at Melbourne Uni will be writing a short catalogue essay for my installation. When I dropped by his office in Lygon Street early this afternoon he was keen, very keen and even had the appropriate books at hand, by authors who write about buildings and the anxiety producing city, so applicable to my photographs and the concerns expressed. I am being seduced again to go outside in the sun, so that's what I'll do and tomorrow I'll resist the temptation to do constant updates.

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