Sunday, October 3, 2010

Synapse #1

Synapse #1. Acrylic painting on canvas, 45 x 35 cm. Julie Clarke, 2010

I was able to have maximum rest yesterday because my gorgeous son Erin did my shopping. I finished one small painting and began another. I'm using color to suggest mental activity, rather than physical movement and steering clear of figurative subject matter. This is a complete turn-around for me, or rather a return to a style that I began, but aborted in 1991. I've decided to call the series Synapse, given that they appear to be purely a synaptic reaction to colors and light in the garden. And speaking about the garden (yet again) yesterday, my next-door neighbour gave me three succulents for my balcony and sitting out in the sun greatly improved my spirits. I always think when I'm sick that I'll never get better and then, of course, I do. It just takes time. This morning I'm still feeling incredibly weak ~ this virus has certainly knocked me around. Today I plan more of the same, resting, painting, dreaming in the garden whilst enjoying the sun, after all it is the first day of daylight saving.

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