Thursday, October 7, 2010

Something else is mine

In the past nine months I've had 6,155 unique visitors from all over the world to my blog and over 11,000 page views ~ quite fascinating, given I initially set up the blog so that I could keep friends and acquaintances in touch with my thoughts and activities. It appears that this sharing space has travelled further than expected and I speak to familiars as well as strangers, and that's alright. Initially I thought that I would only continue my blog if I received comments, but it's enough now to know that although people don't often make comments they've read some of what I've written. I sometimes read my own past blog posts, as if the words were said by someone else, but always I hear my own voice. I wonder every day what I have learnt, who I have been in contact with ~ even if sometimes it is only myself and I ask what did today bring, what gift did life give to me. Sometimes it might be that I have experienced some quiet space and that's good because it allows me to be able to work through things that might otherwise be clouded by outside chatter. My fingers look long today, which, I believe indicates a period of creativity. Sometimes they look short, blunt and too tiny for my hands ~ perception is a fascinating thing ~ perception of ourselves and others determines so much of the way that we move through life. I feel that I have moved through the 'urgent need to paint' phase and will move onto something else. I use to worry that I go from one thing to another that interests me, in a kind of attention deficit mode, now I accept that mode of behavior is part of who I am. Accepting who you are, your strengths and limitations, is a valuable life lession. I found out yesterday that I was not successful in a recent research application, which tells me that it is obviously not what I should be doing, and instead, something else is mine.

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