Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Patti Newton and Lauren

Ah, the people you see strolling through the Camberwell Shopping Centre. I caught Patti Newton and daughter Lauren pushing strollers in the afternoon sun. Having only ever seen Patti Newton once before in my life (she played Dorothy in a Wizard of Oz production I saw when I was a child ~ of course she was Patti McGrath then), it was interesting to see television personalities behaving like everyday folk. I have to say I felt like a giant as they walked past. Both of them have tiny frames. Did find it rather intriguing that I'd just spent three hours with my half-sister Lauren talking about my childhood and our mother Dorothy. Spooky!


  1. It was Lauren Day!!

  2. And a Dorothy day! Did you notice the letters BOO in the background (obviously from the bookshop), but again very interesting because ghosts say 'Boo'! I'm really having fun with this image. Strangely enough, I'm sure that the year that I saw the 'Wizard of Oz' was the year that Mum appeared in my life after eight years absence.