Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let us sit in wait no longer

I'm so glad that I decided to brave the weather and attend 'Let us sit in wait no longer': Future directions in Percy Grainger scholarship, performance and interpretation symposium, held at the Conservatorium Building, The University of Melbourne today. There were some interesting discussions and lectures by Prof. Malcolm Gillies (London Metropolitan University), Dr David Pear and Dr Belinda Nemee (Editors, Grainger Studies Journal), Vincent Plush (National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra), as well as Dr Peter Tregear (Monash University), Dr Suzanne Robinson (University of Melbourne), Brian Allison and Astrid Krautschneider (Curators, Grainger Museum). However, I've left the best till last, because Jessica Wilkinson (pictured above) captivated the audience with an amazing performance that involved a spoken word poetic text (written by herself), sound grabs from Grainger's own musical compositions, music from Simon Charles (The University of Melbourne), and carefully placed silences, which culminated in an atmospheric piece evocative of some of the best spoken word/sound scape you are ever likely to hear. The poetic work reflected Jessica's obvious scholarship and the unique relationship she has with Grainger's life and work. I managed to hijack Jessica during the lunch break and ask if I could take her photo ~ unfortunately it doesn't do her justice. Those who attended the symposium were fortunate enough to have a tour of the recently refurbished Percy Grainger Museum prior to its official opening to the public tomorrow. I must say, all concerned have done an amazing job. See:


  1. There is also a "Celebrating the music of Percy Grainger" event on Sunday 24 October at 02:00 pm at the Hawthorn Town Hall, 358 Burwood Road, Hawthorn.

  2. Thanks for that information Steve, but I think my son and his girlfriend are coming over for lunch on that day ~ even so, I may try to attend, especially if they include some of his experimental 'free' musical compositions.