Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bill Viola, ACMI and ACCA

Still from Bill Viola's projection of images over gold leaf and silver leaf at ACCA. Photo: Julie Clarke 2010

Still from Bill Viola The Raft, ACMI. Photo: Julie Clarke 2010
Absolutely no one speaks about the human condition the way Bill Viola does. You've already heard my rave about Ocean Without a Shore, which I return to view, time and time again at the NGV. However, Bruce and I were so affected and impressed by Viola's video installation The Raft at ACMI today that we just had to view two of his installations which formed part of a larger exhibition, entitled Mortality at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. In both, minute expressions on individuals faces changed ever so slowly, which allowed the viewer to contemplate various emotions that might otherwise go unnoticed. I must say that the other work in Mortality that I found both aesthetically pleasing and engaging was by the Australian artist Charles Anderson. I immediately noticed the change in temperature from the covered lights in this installation, which gave the wrapped articles a beautiful warmth and the sweet and delicious odor of beeswax and honey that permeated the space.

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