Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've been looking through all the photographs I've taken over the past year and I particularly like the ones I've taken of people sleeping. The first, a young man at Melbourne University, sleeping amidst the falling Autumn leaves. The second, napping outside the NGV International in mid Summer in February this year shows how hot it must have been. Tourists catching a quick nap on the leather lounge at the Australia on Collins probably indicates that they had been doing too much sight-seeing. The old woman, with a beanie on her head was in Myer's ladies rest room, I saw her there several times and resisted taking a photo, but in the end I gave in because she was such a good subject. A man sleeping on the lush green grass outside St.Paul's Cathedral is not an uncommon sight and finally, the last photo is of another woman sleeping in Myer's restroom. I am fascinated by the fact that people can fall asleep in public, I'm sure that I could never do that.

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