Saturday, September 4, 2010


I didn't make a post yesterday because my keyboard threw a wobbly and wouldn't produce any text. Thankfully it's working this morning. I've not much to report, except that I've been catching up on badly needed sleep and have had some nice compliments sent my way. The first was from the manager of Westpac in Melbourne who telephoned to express his thanks that I'd posted the photo of the Anniversary of Melbourne cake ~ apparently none of the staff that day had remembered to take a camera to record the event. Secondly, Shannon Bell sent an email saying how much she enjoyed my review and criticism of her book, which she is going to link to her website. Finally, Steve visited me yesterday and was impressed by my new abode, which by the way I am loving, even though I didn't hear the rain last night and I do love hearing the rain. It is so utterly quiet this morning, not even any birds singing ~ perhaps they are huddling in the trees. I was saddened last night to hear on a television report that the only places where some people (mainly the elderly or unemployed) can find a sense of community is in a club or pub with pokies or gambling machines. I was equally dismayed to know that some people spend most of their day just sitting at a machine loosing much of their money because they have nowhere else to go and no one to speak to. I was involved in the Community House movement in the 80s and watched as they gradually deteriorated from free, drop in places where people could share in various activities and find a sense of purpose and friendship with others, to a user pays system where the activities and courses became more formal. People want to have the freedom to come together at a time of their choosing, perhaps that's why these pokie venues have become so popular. Still, it's sad that much of our lives is mediated by machines. That's why everyday I go out for a walk, look at the trees and sky and enjoy the world beyond us, of which we have little control.

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