Sunday, September 5, 2010

Glorious view

This is the glorious view from my balcony. It's a cold and overcast day, but the flowers brighten the vista. When I look at the flowers I remember my grandmother ~ she was an enthusiastic gardener with a passion for begonias. I feel so blessed to be living in such amazing surroundings. They say that the universe doesn't give you what you want, but often gives you what you need. I must have needed beauty in my life, for the universe has certainly given me that. The grounds here are perfectly sculptured and orderly, nothing appears out of place ~ only the wind drives the leaves off the trees and falling petals from the flowers continue to grace the balcony. One lone bird cries in the silence ~ I imagine that most people are still asleep. Later, people will be jogging or walking their dog in the nearby park. I too will be venturing out, perhaps to the Camberwell Market ~ the food, the second-hand goods, the buskers. .

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