Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A singular event

Ran into Stelarc yesterday in the atrium of Federation Square. He was having a discussion with two of the organizers of the Singularity Summit AU 2010. Apparently he is presenting - or should I say re-presenting his Prosthetic Head. It's already been shown at ACMI and I'm wondering if it has changed that much, or at all, to warrant attention? One of the organizers invited me to give a lecture on Transhumanism at the Summit. I pointed out that my views were not necessarily consistent with those of the transhumanists, especially since their emphasis is on human enhancement, perfectibility and unfortunately the devaluing of some human qualities. But even so, the actual summit looks quite interesting ~ a blend of IT people, geneticists, futurists, academics, artists and others. The Singularity Summit AU is to be held at a lecture theatre at RMIT this September. I certainly hope to be there, particularly if there's no charge for registration.