Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well, with just over 24 hours to go before the removalists arrive on Saturday morning, most of my apartment is packed and ready to go ~ just a few more odds and ends to pack tomorrow and a quick visit to my osteopath. I must say it has been an anxious time for me and one that I wouldn't want to repeat again any time soon. I went to bed early tonight, but am up again because I couldn't sleep. I suppose that's expected, especially since there are no curtains on my bedroom window and too much light is coming through the venetian blinds. I certainly hope that I can sleep tomorrow night so that I'm up early and ready for the move. I'll be so glad that I don't have to talk about this anymore after Saturday because it has been the subject of many of my posts over the past three weeks. When I came out of the Cinema Nova in Carlton this afternoon I listened to a man playing Greek music and an aboriginal man accompanying him on a drum, they sounded fantastic ~what an amazing cultural contrast. I'll miss being in my grid from North Melbourne to Melbourne Uni, from Carlton to Brunswick and Fitzroy Streets, the CBD to Richmond or St. Kilda. Do they actually have buskers in Hawthorn? I think not. Oh well, life will be different for me. Time to go back to bed. Sleep well people who read my blog ~ I know you do because I check my stats every day.

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