Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life less cluttered

This morning I've been washing walls and sorting through drawers and cupboards. I've already done one trip to the local Op Shop drop with my sturdy little shopping trolley. Whilst I was cleaning I was listening to 3RRR, but since they're doing their annual subscription fundraiser, there was little music to listen to. I've opted for half an hour on the Internet and a well deserved rest. As most of you would be aware, packing to move to another place is rather daunting and it's difficult to know where to begin. I've taken all my paintings, drawings and photographs off the walls and stacked them in neat little piles ready to be covered in bubble wrap. But I'll do that I another day, for after I finish this blog I'm going to wrap all the breakable, delicate things. Ho hum! I've just realised how many little nick-naks I have ~ do I really need them? This is the dilemma I face as I place objects in a keep or discard pile. And, god, all those paintings I've done over the years, they take up so much room and I'm never going to live in a place where I can hang them on the walls. They might have to go! Likewise, my tee-shirt collection. A friend suggested that instead of giving them away, I might cut them up and make a bed-spread ~ like I'm going to do that!!! I'm sure that something positive will come out of all this angst. I've been through it before. There's an initial sense of loss and then suddenly you feel lighter, airier, like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders. You can begin again with less possessions ~ yes, but there's something about a minimal, less cluttered life that appeals to me.

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