Friday, October 27, 2017

Spring with a hint of summer warmth

Spring with a hint of summer warmth. Acrylic paint on
40.7 x 40.7 cm stretched canvas.
Julie Clarke (c) 2017
Unfortunately, try as I may I cannot get my Window Phone to digitally represent the colors and nuances in the original painting. The subtle mauves and gold hues appear lost in the photo above. Nevermind. I've run out of canvas and my Matisse acrylic paint has been vastly reduced even though I purchased four new colors in the past week. So, this may be the last painting in this series, which really should be called Seen from the window of a train, but that would not be totally correct for although I photographed much of the landscape I saw these paintings are impressions, rather than any attempt to depict the scenes in traditional landscape manner. I'm currently attempting (with the help of some friends) to price the drawings and paintings. Will keep you all posted in case you are interested in purchasing one.

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