Friday, September 1, 2017

Williamstown Beach yesterday

What an absolutely glorious prelude to Spring. Yesterday my pedestrian excursion began with a ten minute walk from my place to Victoria Street, Richmond where I caught a tram to St. Vincent's Hospital in order to connect with the 402 bus to Footscray Station. From there I caught the train to Williamstown Beach. I couldn't believe my luck as after a week of getting around in extremely cold weather the sun was shining and I'd had an interesting conversation with a woman on the Williamstown train.

After I arrived I walked through the underpass and then over the road and took a long trek through a rather muddy oval, all the time with my eye on the prize, which was the blue waters of Port Phillip bay and the craggy rocks that formed a line between the smooth and clean sandy beach and the pedestrian walkway.

I hadn't been to Williamstown Beach for about thirty years and the above photograph shows you my first glimpse of it through the trees. I wasn't disappointed. There were several cargo ships on the horizon, which streched out as far as the eye could see from left and right of my view. I've always been fascinated by the fact that the water just stops at the edge of the sand. It's immensity sometimes overpowering. Anyway, I took loads of photographs, walked as far as I could and then backtracked to The Kiosk and consumed the most delicious fish and chips with aoili and lemon I've every had. Six aeroplanes flew in formation above us, turning and repeating the overpass for about ten minutes. It was quite a display.

I was happy later after leaving the beach and walking around the general environs admiring the beautiful white weatherboard houses, to have coffee with Linzi and her friend John who kindly drove me back to Footscray Station. I got off the bus at Swanston Street and had another afternoon coffee at Ganache Chocolate in Collins, my absolute favorite place to have a caffeine pick me up. I eventually walked through my door around five o'clock, tired but happy.

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