Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trip to Sandringham Beach today.

I hadn't been to Sandringham Beach since 2012 so I decided that I would go today. I caught the tram from my place down Church Street to High Street, Prahran and walked to the Prahran Railway Station where I caught the train to Sandringham (it's the end of the line). There was a vast difference between the photographs I took in September 2012 as Spring was evident in the amount of flowers, whereas there were no flowers to be seen today. It was very cold (about 7C degrees) when I arrived at around 10.15am. But I just loved the impressive rolling of the waves and the amazing scenery.
There are high cliffs around this part of the beach and I traversed them as best I could, not going too near the edge for I fear the damp undergrowth may give way at the edge.
Several cargo ships could be seen on the horizon.

All in all I enjoyed the experience. I walked around for about an hour near the beach and likewise for the shopping centre where I had lunch and then headed home out of the cold.

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