Thursday, July 13, 2017


Chaos. Oil pastel on paper. Julie Clarke (c 2017
After going to the gymnasium yesterday morning I noted that friend and Melbourne artist Tracey Lamb was reading a book by Liz Grosz called Chaos, Cosmos, Terrigtory, Architecture. I rang a few bookstores and searched libraries and discovered it was held at the State Library of Victoria. I went in and photocopied the first chapter, which I read last night. Im going back into the SLV today to read more so that I can have a half-decent conversation with her next week. It's a Deleuzian text so I won't be entirely out of my depth. I finished the above drawing this morning and thought I'd post it here. It certainly belongs with the Old knitter of black wool series. I may see a film prior to going into the library as I have a desperate need to balance my life between theory, art and cinema.

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